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Eyelash lifting

Your lashes are stubborn. They are short, straight and fall down over your eyes. You have tried all kinds of eyelash curlers on the market but it just doesn’t work for you? This is where the eyelash lifting technique comes into play.
Lash Lifting treatments are different from the traditional eyelash perms of the past years. This procedure lifts your natural lashes at the root in an upward position, creating the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. To round off the treatment, a black eyelash tint is applied. This treatment is ideal for those who want a little more curl from their lashes, but without the maintenance of lash extensions or the daily use of an eyelash curler. It is also very good for those of us with straight and/or unruly lashes.
The result lasts 6 to 8 weeks. This is NOT the curled lash wave of the 80’s and 90’s. Oh no my friends, this is a lash lifting!


What is an eyelash lifting?2020-07-01T22:35:11+02:00

It is a lifting technique that gives you longer looking lashes without the need for eyelash extensions. It looks as if you have used a really good eyelash curler, except that the lift will last about 6-8 weeks! To round off the treatment, I will apply a black eyelash tint that really highlights your lashes. The procedure takes about 45 to 60 minutes. It is really an easy way to lighten and open the eye area immediately!

Is the lifting like an eyelash extension?2020-07-01T22:36:50+02:00

Eyelash extensions and eyelash lifting are two completely different treatments. I am not going to add any extra eyelashes to you. I will simply curl your natural eyelashes. This means that for most people it can make your lashes look fuller because they are so raised.

How should I prepare for the eyelash lift?2020-07-01T22:37:33+02:00

Please come to the appointment without any kind of eye makeup! You must also stop using waterproof mascara at least 2 days before the lift. If you wear contact lenses, they must be removed for the treatment.

What are the instructions after the treatment?2020-07-01T22:38:17+02:00

Very simple: Do not let the lashes get wet for the first 24 hours after the treatment and do not apply anything to the lashes. Avoid waterproof mascara for the entire life of your lift. Brush the lashes daily.

Can I still use mascara?2020-07-01T22:38:39+02:00

Unfortunately you are not allowed to use waterproof mascara. Otherwise, mascara is allowed and you will achieve an even more dramatic effect if you apply mascara to your curled lashes.

Why can’t I use waterproof mascara?2020-07-01T22:39:02+02:00

Hard chemicals are used in waterproof formulas to make them truly waterproof. This chemical composition dries your lashes extremely dry. Not to mention the effort and extra pulling on the lashes to remove the mascara. To be honest, most people are not good at removing masacara thoroughly. If this is the case, then run around 24 hours a day with this super dry chemical film on your lashes. This leads to weakened lashes that tend to break and excessive peeling.

Why should I not use waterproof mascara 2 days before the treatment?2020-07-01T22:39:28+02:00

Pretty much for all the reasons I just stated above. If you regularly wear waterproof mascara, you will already have dehydrated and weakened lashes, which will result in a bad lift and possible further damage.

How does this treatment differ from an eyelash curl?2020-07-01T22:39:50+02:00

In the eyelash curl of recent years, tiny little sticks are used, which create a curl that is far too inverted. Sometimes a kind of eyelash curler/clamp is also used, which can be uncomfortable and difficult to handle. In my method I use curved silicone shields that lift the lashes from the root and create a beautiful, uplifted look as if you were using a high quality eyelash curler.

Will the treatment harm my eyelashes?2020-07-01T22:40:36+02:00

No, if you follow all the advice on pre- and post-operative care. The lifting solutions are only applied to the new growth area of the lashes, down to the base and slightly upwards. Never to the ends of the lashes.

Are there eyelashes where an eyelash lift does not work?2020-07-01T22:40:58+02:00

I have sometimes found that it is very difficult and sometimes not possible to lift the lashes, for example if they have an oblique growth pattern. Also growth patterns due to plastic surgery in the eye area can often not be corrected. I say, try the treatment and let’s see how the eyelash lift holds up for you.

Will it hurt?2020-07-01T22:41:20+02:00

No. When I apply the shields to the eyelids, it may feel a little strange at first. But for the most part, it’s very relaxing! Just sit back and relax.

My eyelashes are down. Will this be a good treatment for me?2020-07-01T22:41:43+02:00

Oh, yeah! Any customer with this kind of lashes will love the lift! After the treatment all lashes are evenly distributed and lifted.

How long does the effect of the eyelash lift last?2020-07-01T22:42:02+02:00

Depending on the length and quality of your natural lashes, the lifting effect can last 4-8 weeks.

I have very, very short lashes. Can I still do this procedure?2020-07-01T22:42:44+02:00

Mostly yes. However, it can be difficult if the lashes are not even long enough to be brought to the end of the shield. If you come to me and I find that your lashes are too short for the treatment, I would advise against it.

I recently had a blepharoplasty. Can I have that procedure?2020-07-01T22:43:06+02:00

You must wait at least 1 year after your operation. People who have undergone this operation often experience increased sensitivity around the eyes for some time. You must allow yourself this time and let everything heal first. After that, you can consult with your doctor to make sure that the treatment is possible.

I had my eyes lasered recently? Is it possible to get an eyelash lift?2020-07-01T22:43:28+02:00

Yes, but you have to wait at least six months. When in doubt, consult your doctor as always.

For whom is this procedure NOT suitable?2020-07-01T22:43:58+02:00

Chronically dry eyes, conjunctivitis, damaged eyelashes or eyelashes with gaps (this treatment can make the gaps clearer), active eye infections of any kind, trichotillomania (habitual pulling of eyelashes), recently performed chemotherapy (you must wait at least one year after your last treatment. In case of doubt, always consult your doctor).

How long does the treatment take?2020-07-01T22:44:18+02:00

The entire lash lifting treatment lasts almost exactly one hour.

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