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Your eyes are speaking, even if you don’t say anything…
What does your morning makeup routine look like? Wash your face, apply makeup and eyeliner. And to round it all off, apply mascara for the complete look.
All of this takes a lot of time every morning! Eyelash extensions give you the opportunity to simplify your routine, regain some time for yourself and get started with whatever the day holds for you.
Here at the Greenlotus Spa in Frankfurt Riedberg we make your wish for beautiful, long and thick lashes with lots of volume come true. Each customer is given thorough and individual advice to find out what length, shape and curl best suits the customer’s eyes. Both your style preferences and the current health of your natural lashes are taken into account. Extensions that never clump, hurt or damage your natural eyelashes are guaranteed.


What kind of eyelash products do you use?2020-07-01T22:08:41+02:00

I use artificial, synthetic mink eyelashes (which are only called that but not from animals), as well as silk eyelashes. They are made of the best, most durable, safest and sterilized PBT material.

How long does an eyelash extension last?2020-07-01T22:09:39+02:00

It is impossible to give a general answer to this question and would be dishonest. The durability of artificial eyelashes is different for every person and depends on many different factors:
– How do you handle the eyelashes? If you touch them often or rub your eyes, the lashes will not last as long.
– How well and thoroughly do you follow the instructions for aftercare?
– What is the natural growth cycle of your lashes?
– What is your makeup routine?

Normally, the artificial lashes fall out during the natural hair change of your own lashes. As 2-5 natural lashes fall out every day, you need to have your lash extensions filled up to ensure that the lashes continue to look evenly thick.

Will an eyelash extension ruin my natural lashes?2020-07-01T22:10:04+02:00

Extensions applied according to the length / thickness of your natural lashes will not damage your lashes. A good eyelash artist also makes sure that the natural lashes do not stick together, which can cause irritation. When used correctly, most of the client’s lashes will be longer, thicker and fuller, and there is no need to take “breaks” while wearing them.

What are Klassic vs. Volume vs. Kim Kardashian Style Lashes?2020-07-01T22:11:33+02:00

A classic lash extension means that a synthetic extension is applied to a natural lash. Volume lashes are several very fine lashes, which are a fraction of the diameter of a classic extension and are applied to natural lashes in specially made compartments with 2, 3, 4 + lashes. Volume lashes can be thick or washy, depending on the wearer’s preference. They are ideal for giving sparse natural lashes a full appearance. Kim Kardashian Style Lashes, also called Hybrid Lashes, are a combination of the two techniques to create a stunning, multi-layered look.

Can I wear them all year round?2020-07-01T22:11:29+02:00

Yes! most wearers wear the lashes all year round, while others wear them only for special occasions throughout the year, such as weddings or holidays.

Are eyelashes allowed to get wet?2020-07-01T22:12:35+02:00

After the first 24 hours you can swim, surf or snorkel to your heart’s content. Many customers come especially for eyelash extensions before you go on the beach holiday.

When should I come for a refill?2020-07-01T22:13:04+02:00

As a rule, eyelashes are refilled when about 50% of an extension set is left. Most wearers have a one to one and a half hour refill every two to three weeks, similar to what is done in a nail studio. That is only about 15-25 Euros per week to avoid wearing eye makeup! And to wake up like a goddess of eyelashes! Eyelashes that are not filled up for more than four weeks will be charged as a new set.

Will you also fill my eyelashes from another salon?2020-07-01T22:13:38+02:00

The products and techniques used by other lash artists may differ significantly from those of the Greenlotus Spa. In order to ensure the highest quality and care, a free consultation and assessment of the lashes must first be carried out. After this it will be decided if and at what price the lashes can be replenished or if it is better to remove the old lash extension and put on a new set.

How do I clean my eyelashes?2020-07-01T22:14:08+02:00

Eyelashes should be cleaned at least once a day with an oil-free detergent and a paper tissue or soft make-up brush. Furthermore, the Greenlotus Spa offers a specially developed eyelash shampoo to keep them healthy and prevent the formation of bacteria. The shampoo can be purchased in the online shop or on site.

Do I have to use an eyelash curler or wear mascara?2020-07-01T22:15:15+02:00

Mascara or an eyelash curler should not be used, as they damage the lash extension. Apart from that, you don’t need these things anymore, as the eyelash extension maintains its effect of curl and volume.

I’m under 18, can I get an eyelash extension?2020-07-01T22:15:45+02:00

Yes, but you must bring a written and signed consent of a parent with a copy of the parent’s identity card. Otherwise your appointment will be cancelled and charged. No exceptions.

Can I also get gift vouchers from you?2020-07-01T22:16:10+02:00

This is definitely possible. Vouchers are available directly on site or in the online shop. They are valid for three years and are a wonderful gift for every woman.

Are eyelashes a good idea for my wedding (or any other special occasion)?2020-07-01T22:16:36+02:00

Lashes are great for all special occasions! If you have never worn an eyelash extension before, it is recommended to apply a set about 3 weeks before the event. If you love them (you will!), come a few days before the event for a fill-up to make sure they are full and thick for your big day, or to make style changes.

What is the easiest way to remove the lashes?2020-07-01T22:17:33+02:00

If you only have a few lashes left, use coconut oil carefully, which can loosen the glue over time. You can now also wear mascara again, because the remaining lashes will fall out as well. If you need to remove a significant number of lashes from another salon, please contact me for advice on lash removal in my studio.

What if I am allergic to the glue? Will it get in my eye or on my skin?2020-07-01T22:18:03+02:00

Allergic reactions are rare and extreme reactions are very rare. If you have ever reacted to adhesives, please tell your eyelash artist as soon as possible. A well-trained eyelash artist uses a very small amount of adhesive – almost invisible to the naked eye. However, it is difficult to detect allergies during treatment. Even a test is not really possible, because people who are actually allergic usually react to the smell of the glue and this only after a longer period of time. The number of allergic reactions is small, but the treatment is done at your own risk. A professional eyelash artist cannot guarantee that there are no allergic reactions.
The artificial eyelashes are applied about 1-2 millimetres from the base of the natural eyelashes. Due to the oils on our skin the adhesive does not stick and falls off within a few hours.

What if my natural lashes are too short, thin, damaged, patchy or other problems?2020-07-01T22:18:32+02:00

The Greenlotus Spa recommends that you call or contact us via whatsapp before an appointment to get a free consultation where you will be informed about your options. Please note that if you have lashes with many problems, you may not be a good candidate for an extension. If you still decide to make an appointment, you will be treated as best as possible. A guarantee is not possible. Please call first before you make an appointment!

Can I still wear my glasses or contact lenses?2020-07-01T22:18:53+02:00

Absolutely. An eyelash extension does not harm the glasses or the contact lenses. Only during the treatment no contact lenses can be worn.

Can I bring my child to the treatment?2020-07-01T22:19:45+02:00

As an eyelash extension takes time (one to three hours), the Greenlotus Spa recommends that you place your child with someone else, as it can quickly become boring and the eyelash artist needs rest for her work.

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