13er Curved Magnum Hygiene Module for Permenant Makeup

1 piece – individually and sterilely packed

CM needles – also called Soft Magnum, Soft Edge Magnum or Round Magnum Shaders – are Magnum needles with needles recessed to the outside. This does not create sharp edges during shading and the image becomes more even. This needle is also less harmful to the skin and helps with gentle shades.


– Needle type: 13 curved magnum
– Needle thickness: #12 / 0.35 – Long Taper
– Individually and sterilely packed
– 1 piece per pack
– Needle made of high-quality stainless steel
– High-quality membrane suspension

Suitable for 99 of all popular permanent makeup machines on the market.

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Article numbers 75 and 78 are both Curved Magnum and Round Magnum hygiene modules. Item number 75 is sold individually.