The Cream Remover Brussels (chocolate)

The perfect remover to combine with your favorite eyelash adhesive!

The creamy pink texture of the remover gently dissolves the bond between adhesive and natural lashes without damaging or breaking them.

It stays exactly where it was placed, so it won’t run into your customers’ eyes.

Easy and quick removal!

Pink in color – You can see more easily where you have placed the  cream remover.

Non-drip formula!

Remove eyelash extensions safely!

Achieve a lot with little – Cost effective!

Quantity: 10 g

1. apply eye pads and cover lower lashes

2. apply Cream Remover to glued areas with a micro brush with closed eye. Avoid skin contact.

3. leave on for about 3-5 minutes after application

4 Carefully remove artificial lashes with tweezers.

5. remove remains of Cream Remover completely from eyelashes.

6. after removal of Cream Remover, cleanse lashes first with eyelash shampoo, then clean with water or saline solution