RefectoCil No. 3 natural brown eyelash color (15 ml) is a very dark, well-covering brown tone that is suitable for those who prefer a particularly natural appearance.

With RefectoCil you always achieve a beautiful, long-lasting and intense tinting result for eyelashes and eyebrows. Tinted lashes appear visibly longer and more voluminous, as the tint emphasizes the entire length of the lashes faded by sun and water.

The hue highlights light hair and lengthens short lashes; At the same time, they give shine to blunt hair. Tinted eyebrows look better defined and more color-intensive. Her eyes look more vivid and expressive – even without makeup. The hue is absolutely lubricating, waterproof and lasts up to 6 weeks.

The best result is achieved when the hue is applied regularly, as the color penetrates deeper into the eyelashes with each coloration and stains them even more intensely and permanently.

Sufficient for approx. 30 applications. Please read the supplied instructions for use.