This eyelash cushion is soft, comfortable and eases the work of every eyelash stylist!

Due to the short distance from the tray to the eyelashes of the customer, the glue has no time to dry.
Your customers will also love the pillow. The memory foam adapts individually to the head shape of each customer and is soft and feels comfortable on the skin. Due to the lateral elevation, the head of the customer is automatically held straight and perfectly positioned for the treatments.

Attached to the side of the pillow are pockets for storing tweezers, eyelash mirrors or other tools.
The eyelash tray itself is magnetic,so the tweezers have no chance to fall down in an inattentive moment.

Material: Microvelours
Washable and easy to clean due to the removable cover.

Contents: 1 lash pillow, 1 lash tray