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Let’s be honest: Cosmetics is a highly contested market these days. To prepare you perfectly for this market, Lien offers women at the Greenlotus Spa a thorough and detailed training for the beauty business, focussing on eyelash extension, eyelash lifting, brow henna, nail design and waxing.

Lien’s personal passion for eyelashes and her training makes it possible to offer you exactly THE training YOU need and want. Here you will be offered personalized and customized courses to give you the knowledge you need. This will take your career to the next level. Whether you are an absolute beginner and would like to learn classic eyelash extension, or would like to refine your knowledge in the area of volume or mega volume eyelash extension: You have come to the right place.

Why do the training at the Greenlotus Spa?

1 to 1 Course or learn in a group

You decide
Would you prefer to learn alone or in a group? Your decision. Here at the Greenlotus Spa we offer full flexibility and will be happy to advise you. Just contact us. During the current COVID19 period there are no group trainings offered, but there are 1to1 VIP trainings offered at the same price as group trainings.


Adapted to your specific needs
Each training course is completely adapted to your individual needs, whether you are a beginner or advanced. You will learn what you want and each singe one of your questions will be answered.


Included for eyelash extension training
For the training in eyelash extension you will receive a starter kit with all necessary tools and accessories at no extra charge. That way you can start your work right after the training!


We take care of it...
Should models be needed for the training, the Greenlotus Spa will take care of it. All you need to do is be well rested, eager to learn and be here on time for the training.


Frankfurt am Main
The Greenlotus Spa is located right in the heart of Germany, in the metropolis of Frankfurt am Main. Conveniently located, with parking facilities, but also the arrival by plane, bus or train is no problem.


And intensive!
Thanks to the professional 1 to 1 teaching at the Greenlotus Spa, every day is an intensive experience, so that in the evening you will just fall asleep right away. And of course, at the end of every successful training course you will receive your certificate.


Your decision!
The duration of the training is also determined by you as the customer. From a one-day intensive course to a weekly course, everything is possible. Talk to us and we will find the perfect training period for you.


Even after the course!
On the last day of most training courses, the teacher’s help usually ends. This is not the fact at Greenlotus Spa. Lien is still there for you for a period of 6 months, helping and answering questions on topics that were part of the training content.


How much is a course?
Since each training course is individually designed according to your needs, we ask you to simply contact us and express your wishes regarding the training. Lien will contact you as soon as possible and send you a non-binding offer.


How much can you earn later on

A simple calculation example: An eyelash lifting treatment costs 50 €. Ten clients a week (working time about 10-12 hours/week) are 2000 € a month. The costs of goods is 150-250 €. At the end there is a profit of about 1800 €. An eyelash extension costs between 80 and 200 €. You do the math 😉


What do you teach

Greenlotus Spa offers the following training courses: Eyelash extension (Classic, Volume, Megavolume etc.), eyelash lifting, nail design, shellac treatments, brow henna, waxing and much more. Just contact us.

physical welfare

We also take care of that

Here too, the motto applies: you only have to learn, we do the rest. Every day of training includes snacks, drinks and a hot meal. So you can learn carefree and have enough energy.

Contact us:

0160 – 944 77 414